Re: [OPE] Chris A. on Hegel's Master-Slave Dialectic and a Myth of Marxology

Date: Sat Oct 30 2010 - 10:11:00 EDT

> Thanks Jerry. It is also on my site. I am sure you are right but have
> you any definite reference to James and Dunayevskaya?

Hi Chris:
The CLR James reference is "From the Master-Slave Dialectic to Revolt
in Capitalist Production" (1946). The Dunayeskaya reference is from
_The Power of Negativity_ (see 'Why Hegel's Phenomenology? Why Now?").
There may also be a reference in _Marxism & Freedom_ - I can't say off-hand.
RD's influence on this topic among her contemporary followers can be
seen in some recent articles in _News & Letters_ such as John Alan's "Haiti
and Hegel" (March-April, 2010) and Ron Kelch's "Hutchings' feminism
reconsiders Hegel's Dialectic" (June-July, 2006).
in solidarity, Jerry
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