[OPE] Chris A. on Hegel's Master-Slave Dialectic and a Myth of Marxology

From: GERALD LEVY <gerald_a_levy@msn.com>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2010 - 07:02:11 EDT

Article dated today at:
(it's a revision of a 1983 article for NLR)
Sarte and Hyppolite (and Kojeve) are particularly singled out
and - among others - Marcuse and Mandel are mentioned. It's
curious, though, that two deceased authors who still have a
(marginal) influence on the Left - Raya Dunayeskaya and C.L.R.
James - were not (unless I missed it) mentioned as being partially
responsible for perpetuating the 'myth'.
In solidarity, Jerry
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