Re: [OPE] absinence theory

Date: Mon Oct 25 2010 - 13:01:09 EDT

> That is a misunderstanding on your part. Capitalists may consume same
> goods as workers. It is the specific section of the economy, whose
> output does not enter directly or indirectly into the production of the
> real wage which is unproductive. The 'necessity' of luxury yachts and
> fighter jets for the reproduction of capitalism is pure apologetics.

Hi Dave Z:
The reproduction of capitalism requires the reproduction of the capitalist
class. The reproduction of a capitalist class requires means of consumption
for the capitalist class. To think that you can have capitalism when the
individual members of the capitalist class consume on average the same amount
and quality of output as individual members of the working class consume
is folly.
In solidarity, Jerry
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