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Date: Fri Oct 08 2010 - 03:38:37 EDT

I think part of the dispute between me, Dave and I think Jurriaan on one side and Paula and Paul on the other is terminoligical. By value I think Paula means exchange value. By value I mean the lavour time required to make it. A commodity has use value, exchange value and (labour) value.
THere are things which have use value and value but no echange value ; human bodies with repaired hearts in todays society.
There are things which have use value and exchange value but no value ; land being an example.

How does the labour of a vet differ from that of a doctor?

In practical terms what a surgeon and a vetinary surgeon do is very similar.

They differ in whether their patients can be marketed, so even if all their sucessfull patients embody additional value only some have exchange value.

Productiveness is another matter. I would say that a vet attending to farm animals was productive, one attending to the queens corgis is not.

Likewise a surgeon attending Her Majesty is unproductive, but a doctor treating the general working population is productive. If , after the establishment of a democratic republic, William is forced to work for his living, then his medical treatment would be productive.

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