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Date: Thu Oct 07 2010 - 16:25:07 EDT

Well, we're still talking about different things. I understand
what you are saying about the 'patrons' of MR but Kliman - the person
you now say your view coincides with on this issue - did not limit his
comment in that way. No, his statement was very clear, unambiguous, and
in my opinion, a complete mischaracterization of the _journal_ MR.
Recall, that he referred to the _journal_ *Monthly Review* as a "left
Keynesian underconsumptionist" magazine. This is false for all of the
reasons I have cited and furthermore (as I have already explained)
it is clearly at odds with what Freeman and he have referred to as
the "Scholarship Guidelines" of the IWGVT (if that still exists -
I'm not sure).
When you say that "their" analysis is underconsumptionist, you are
not referring to the journal itself but to the writings of several
authors who have been associated with the journal. By way of analogy,
calling MR a 'left Keynesian underconsumptionist' journal is like calling
_Research in Political Economy_ an "Althusserian" publication because
Paul Z is the Series Editor.
In solidarity, Jerry

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