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Obama-Clinton ticket in 2012? Why Democrats are talking about it now.
By Peter Grier, Staff writer CSM October 6, 2010

Want to know why Democrats are once again chattering about Hillary Rodham
Clinton replacing Joe Biden as the president's running mate for the 2012
election? Just look at the polls. And by "look at the polls," we don't mean
just take a quick glance at the top lines, which show Democrats
unenthusiastic about politics and trailing Republicans on the generic
ballot. We mean look at the demographic breakdowns to see where, in
particular, the GOP has surged.

Working-class whites right now are rushing to the Republican camp. An
Associated Press-GfK poll released Wednesday shows whites without four-year
college degrees prefer the GOP over Democrats by 58 percent to 36 percent.
And this is a constituency that in the 2008 primaries preferred Ms. Clinton
to Barack Obama by a margin of about 2 to 1. The math is thus obvious: Dump
Joe for Hillary. Turn her loose on the trail to do what she did so well the
last time around: express empathy with the troubles of the lower middle
class in small- and medium-town America.

It is difficult to see how Mr Obama could win another general election. He
was useful to mop up the embarassing consequences of the blundering Bush II
empire, but he cannot deliver on what matters most to a critical mass of
voters. The future of American leadership lies with crooks, criminals,
gangsters, fraudsters, religious fanatics, trash hipsters, military
opportunists, actors, liars - a gigantic, lying propaganda machine to
justify the theft of other people's wealth.


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