Re: [OPE] Great article from Jan Toporowski

Date: Mon Oct 04 2010 - 20:42:54 EDT

As far as MR goers, since when are Left Keynesians also revolutionary
socialists?? If you think MR is Left Keynesian it either means you
don't know the history or politics of the publication or your
definition of Left Keynesian is overly broad.

And even if it's true that some of the editors of MR have had
an underconsumptionist theory of crisis since when did crisis
theory define whether one is Left Keynesian or socialist? Let's
recall that virtually all of the German-Austrian Social Democratic
theorists from Marx's time through the 1930s as well as almost
all of the Bolshevik theoreticians had an underconsumptionist and/or
disproportionality theory of crisis.

What is particularly galling about this dismissive characterization
of MR is that it was written by someone who has repeatedly said
that one should "refer to schools of thought by the name they prefer".
Well, I'm pretty sure that MR would prefer not to be called a left
Keynesian underconsumptionmist publication!

And - another thing - articles related to crisis theory only comprise
a very small % of articles in MR and it is thus a gross mischaracterization
to *define* them based on the perspectives of several authors on
crisis theory.

In solidarity, Jerry
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