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Matt Dillon suing for 'Crash' profits
By Matthew Belloni

Oct 1, 2010, 01:49 AM ET

Is "Crash" the most-litigated movie in Hollywood history? Now actor Matt
Dillon has become the latest to sue over profits from the 2006 best picture
Oscar winner. In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the
actor who played a racist cop who memorably saves Thandie Newton from a
burning car claims that he was cheated out of at least $100,000 in profits
from the hit drama by executive producer Bob Yari and others.

Dillon says that in 2006 his company Matthias Prods. performed an audit and
found that he was owed a big chunk of money from the film, which was made
for under $8 million but grossed about $98 million worldwide. But he says
that when he presented the audit to Yari and his execs Dennis Brown and
William Immerman, they "deliberately authorized [the production entity] to
apply an incorrect formula for the calculation of [Dillon's] contingent
compensation," according to the complaint. This allegedly allowed Yari and
crew to falsely increase profits paid to another "Crash"-related company and
cheat Dillon out of his share.

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