Re: [OPE] Reply to critics (Levy)

Date: Sun Oct 03 2010 - 09:17:25 EDT

> You, Jerry, argued persistently for many years that economic value cannot
> exist without exchange, and that value is created and realised through
> trade.
No, Jurriaan, I have NEVER argued that value can be created through trade.
I have repeatedly pointed this out to you in the past.
> The problem is that you just state a schematic tautology which you make true
> by metaphysical definition; by the same token I could argue that the
> commodity does have a recognized use-value, but nobody has a use for it
> right now.
Then the commodity's value can be made actual at a later date. Either it
eventually passes the social test of exchange or what was represented by
it in latent form as potential is never fully realized (i.e. actualized, made
> The difference between you and Marx is just that for Marx, value pre-exists
> (and exists independently of) its forms, because value as social labour
> realized in its product is created through production, and not in exchange.
> Your theory is essentially not a "labour theory of product-value", but a
> "labour theory of the exchange of products".

The difference (or, moree accurately, one of the differences) between Marx and
you on this issue is that for Marx use-value, value, and exchange-value are all
constituent aspects of the commodity. To talk about value existing independently
of the commodity is like talking about a functioning human heart existing
independently of humans.
In solidarity, Jerry
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