Re: [OPE] Reply to critics (Cockshott mainly)

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Sat Oct 02 2010 - 12:04:35 EDT

  On 2010-10-02 15:56, Jurriaan Bendien wrote:
> Information is a content of the
> mind which is transmitted by a material information bearer or carrier.

I think this is a pre-Kolmogorov or at least pre-Shannon notion of
information. After those intellectual giants the information content of
any structure was understood to be independent of the existence of a mind.

> I did not say you distinction is not useful. I said that your productive
> labour concept is a prejudice, a one-sided view which is scientifically
> unsustainable, that is all.

OK, all economic theories contain some implicit or explicit
classification of productive labour. One would have to argue why the
concept proposed independently by us, Wolff and Grieve is one-sided,
prejudiced or untenable, and contrast it to the alternative concepts in
the history of economic thought.

> You can be a Smithian Marxist if you want but it
> has very little to do with Marx's critique of political economy.
Well, the degree of adherence to classical texts is a matter of
marxological research and was not our primary concern. On the contrary,
we argued why both Smith's and Marx's concepts of productive labour were
incomplete at best when one looks at the questions of real capital
accumulation and relative surplus value.

> You would
> arrive at better conclsuions only if you studied the theory and empiria of
> the division of labour much more than you do.

I look forward to reading an alternative that addresses the same
questions better and more concisely than ours.

//Dave Z
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