Re: [OPE] faux frais of production, services and productive and unproductive labor

Date: Fri Oct 01 2010 - 21:46:43 EDT

oops. typo. The following sentence should end as follows:
> One has to consider both
> the form of labor and the social reasons/functions for the labor when
> considering whether or not the labor employed in that service industry
> is productive or unproductive of SURPLUS VALUE.
'Social reasons/functions' might seem vague so let me expand briefly:
- is the labor engaged in the production of surplus value or does it serve
to help 'realize' surplus value? That's one question.
- is the labor paid out of variable capital or out of revenues? that's
another question.
- is the labor employed by capital or the state?
- is the labor concerned with preserving the legal title of ownership
of commodities or or who has a claim on surplus value? that's another
The question here is whether the labor results in the creation of new
surplus value or not. Labor which results simply in the redistribution
of surplus value among capitalists is not the same as labor which creates
surplus value. Fundamentally, these questions have nothing
whatsoever to do with whether the commodity is a good or a service.

In solidarity, Jerry
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