Re: [OPE] World Bank president Robert B. Zoellick and the flow of knowledge

From: Patrick Bond <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 2010 - 17:53:04 EDT

  On 2010/09/30 09:31 PM, Jurriaan Bendien wrote:
> ... he suggests "democratizing" development economics, as a sort of
> "what do you think of it?" outreach.

Thanks, but is this a case of talk left, walk right?

In April, Zoellick declared 'the end of the Third World' in another
speech, and in this one he claims that "This is no longer about the
Washington Consensus. One cannot have a consensus about political
economy from one city applying to all."

Hmmm, the message isn't getting through. I debated his chief economist
for Africa on CBC radio and on his blog about a month ago and he is
still a WashCon bible-thumper, that's for sure:
and ).

For a review of why anything Zoellick touches - maybe development
economics now - he turns to rubble, here's my quick bio:

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