Re: [OPE] Question about books that are sound introductions to economics

Date: Mon Sep 27 2010 - 20:46:51 EDT

> Neo-liberalism is not a useful concept IMO. It captures only one side of
> what goes on, but not the most important side. It's very flattering to the
> capitalists to portray themselves as champions of economic freedom (give
> those Chicago School guys some medals and prizes), but the truth is that
> their system is, more fundamentally, about social and political domination.

Hi Paula:
'Neo-liberalism' is simply a word which is commonly used to describe a
political/social/economic movement of a segment of the international
capitalist class during a particular period/conjuncture in recent capitalist
history. Like the word 'globalization' it incompletely and one-sidedly
expresses an underlying social reality. The point, surely, should be to understand
the social realities themselves and subject them to critique rather than
just or primarily quibbling about the words themselves. Those who think
that the recent period is simply capitalism and imperialism as usual are also
being one-sided.
In solidarity, Jerry
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