Re: [OPE] "lies, damned lies, and underconsumptionist statistics"

Date: Sat Sep 25 2010 - 15:17:01 EDT

> I wonder what is the basis of this conspiratorial worldview?

Hi Dave Z:
The oft-stated claim is that the TSSI represents a Copernican
advance in the interpretation of Marx's quantitative theory
and that the "simultaneists" and other alleged powers-that-be
in political economy have "suppressed" their writings. As far
as I can tell there is no actual empirical/historical support
for the claim that they have been "suppressed".
In solidarity, Jerry
PS: "lies, damned lies" was also in the title of a
critique by Kliman of (fellow OPE-l member) Ernesto Screpanti's
writings: The paper AK presented to the 2004 EEA meetings
was titled "Lies, Damned Lies, and Screpanti's Critique of Marx".
At the time I (and some others) objected strongly to this
characterization, so it is somewhat surprising (or is it really?)
that he would years later use that in the title of another of his
writings. Even more surprising (or was it really?) that he sent
the announcement (part of which I forwarded) to me personally
(i.e. not to a mailing list which I am a member of but to a
personal distribution list of his which included my email address).
Clearly, he wanted to call my attention to this. He succeeded, but
it might have been better for him not to poke and disturb me.
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