Re: [OPE] Question about books that are sound introductions to economics

From: Paula <>
Date: Fri Sep 24 2010 - 18:16:12 EDT

Jerry wrote:
"The poverty in urban areas, the lack of employment in the formal sector ... all relate to Neo-Liberalism".

Abstract from specific policies (liberalization vs regulation, tax cuts vs stimulus packages, etc) and capitalism will still, sooner or later and in one form or another, generate poverty, unemployment, crises, etc. This is as true in Venezuela as anywhere else.

"... biggest opponent to self-determination is now Neo-Liberalism since the major international (imperialist) powers have for many years attempted to overthrow the popular will..."

When one country attempts to influence the politics of another it's not liberalism of any kind, but, on the contrary, state intervention. Call it diplomacy, pressure, intrigue, or whatever, it's completely normal under imperialism. Everyone does it, including Venezuela.


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