Re: [OPE] Question about books that are sound introductions to economics

Date: Wed Sep 22 2010 - 17:59:36 EDT

> The essential fact about the Bolivarians' experience of capitalism is the
> super-profits Venezuela makes from its oil industry. Not a manifestation of
> economic liberalism, but of monopoly - just like with every other major oil
> producer in the world.

Hi Paula:
The poverty in urban areas, the lack of employment in the formal sector, the
class polarization, the economic policies of previous administrations (including
de-regulation, austerity policies, privatization, and - in general - pro-business
policies), and the role of international lending agencies all relate to Neo-
Liberalism. The fact that the oil industry is the leading sector of the economy
is certainly an important reality, but Venezuela has suffered from the experience of
Neo-Liberalism just as other Latin American countries have. And their biggest
opponent to self-determination is now Neo-Liberalism since the major international
capitalist (imperialist) powers have for many years attempted to overthrow the
popular will and replace the current government with one which is more to
their liking.
In solidarity, Jerry

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