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Paul, why not try to be socialist? Ask him why he doesn't start with the
nutritional needs of the workers , generally as family and other communal
units, and work backwards to the amount of resources and labour that is
needed at the present levels of applied science to meet those needs. Then a
political decision can be made about applying resources. This then should
automatically lead to ongoing research programmes/ natural science/
management and engineering sciences/ into 'maximising' desired outputs from
various inputs.


I don't understand all this stuff about 'using'... 'labour value
accounting'.. we aren't trying to maintain a process of exchange, based on
exploitation are we?



Paul Bullock


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For a general impression of what economics is about, I am inclined to think
that your guy from Venezuela could do a lot worse than go back to basics in
the form of some of the key passages of the Wealth of Nations. That
introduction could usefully be complemented by A K Das Gupta's little volume
Epochs of Economic Theory.


Roy Grieve

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I am collaborating with a guy in Venezuela who is working on a project to
introduce labour value accounting into the food supply chain there and he
keeps asking me economics questions which I do my best to answer, but he has
floored me with this one:
"By the way, talking about economics. What books do you suggest I can read
to deepen this topic (contemporary economy)? I was reading Samuelson and
Nordhaus book."

How would list members respond. The guy is not trained in economics.

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