Re: [OPE] "The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore, " he said.

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Workers in Cuba are not being 'laid off' - ie made unemployed. They
are being moved from surplus (unproductive) posts to productive ones
in the interests of greater efficiency. The new employment will be in
the fields of construction, agriculture, teaching, etc (state sector)
or into cooperatives and self-employment (on the basis that the
usufruct land and the privately rented houses etc are run - licensed,
controlled and taxed with limits on employing [exploiting] others and
on expansion/accumulation). This process has been discussed over a
period of time and will certainly not change the fundamentals of
Cuban socialism to anything like the Yugoslav system.

We hope to have an article in the coming issue of Fight Racism! Fight
Imperialism! on these developments (out 28 September and online a few
weeks later).

David Yaffe

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> > Here is one source:
> >
> >
> > The question is whether the Cuban economy will turn towards Yugoslavian
> > model?
>Hi Dave:
>Thanks. It's unclear how many workers are going to be affected - the
>AP story lists the amount of workers to be laid-off at one-half the
>figure in the BBC story.
>A variation on the Yugoslav model is one possibility, but it is
>hardly "the" question. There are LOTS of questions now!!!
>Despite the fact that the Yugoslav model of workers' control of
>enterprises could be seen as a more democratic model which did not
>suffer from the degree of over-centralization common in most other
>socialist nations, there were significant downsides to that experience
>including non-cyclical trends for the rate of unemployment, the rate of
>inflation, and economic concentration to increase.
>In solidarity, Jerry
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