Re: [OPE] "The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore, " he said.

Date: Sun Sep 12 2010 - 20:25:09 EDT

> If there were more assurances that the sovereignity of the
> country would be respected in word and deed, then a lot of the political
> paranoia would end.

Hi Jurriaan:

Has the Cuban Communist Party really been paranoid, as you suggest?
When you've been invaded once, when successive administrations in
Washington have continued polices aimed at de-stabilizing your economy,
when they have plotted to assassinate your leaders and handed
over money to the paid killers, when they have continuously sponsored
campaigns of dis-information directed at your people (and their
own), when they have bankrolled and acted in partnership with exiles
(gusanos) and political opponents, when you see on TV thousands of these
worms dance in the streets of Miami when they heard the the 'news' that
Fidel Castro Ruiz had died (I truly hope he outlives them all!), when you
have seen the US stage a series of covert actions and sponsored coups
in and against other Latin American nations, and when the very real blood
of peasants and workers in those nations has as a consequence been spilt,
when you see that it has been the continuing and firm policy of US imperialism to
destroy Cuban socialism in every form and more recently bring them into the
Neo-Liberal model - for which so many millions of workerss and peasants and
suffered in other countries- is it really "paranoia" to have adopted the
policies they have? I think not. They would have been fools - and their people
would have most probably suffered, imo, an (unnecessary) bloodbath - had they
not maintained their vigilance all these years. What you call "paranoia" was
simply an expression of self-defense., surely part of the practice of

In solidarity, Jerry
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