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From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Thu Sep 09 2010 - 17:48:57 EDT

  On 2010-09-09 20:12, Paul Cockshott wrote:
> In some ways these help us understand profit from the employment of wage labour. It is clear where the profit of an old slave owner in the south came from. From the fact that his slaves had no legal right to the cotton they produced.
> Exactly the same precondition held in the Yankee north, the wage slaves there had no more right to what they produced than those in chains on the plantation. The difference was that they sold themselves only by the week or month into servitude. In between we see the form of indentured labour that was so common in the early American colonies. I think too much can be made of what is specifically capitalist about wage labour so that we forget the essential features it shares with slavery.

I think the IWW and similar organizations had arguments along these
line. There are obvious pedagogic advantages to it. Moreover, it is
relevant for strategies that use legalistic methods, i.e. 'abolitionism'
of exploitative relations of production.

//Dave Z
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