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Dear colleagues,

Please see the following call for papers and circulate it to your
colleagues who may be interested in it.

Dong-Min Rieu

*Call for Papers: Special Issue on Reconstructing/Reinterpreting Marxian
Theory of Exploitation.*

*/ /*

/MARXISM 21 /(http://nongae.gnu.ac.kr/~issmarx/eng/eng_intro3.php#
<http://nongae.gnu.ac.kr/~issmarx/eng/eng_intro3.php>) was founded as a
semi-annual academic journal specialized in Marxist studies in 2004.
/MARXISM 21/ has been selected as a Korean Research Foundation
Listed-Candidate Journal and published on a quarterly basis since 2008.
After 2009 /MARXISM 21/ starts to publish articles in English as well as
in Korean, with its Editorial Board expanded to some worldly-renounced
Marxist scholars. /MARXISM 21 /already published many English articless

/MARXISM 21/ invites submissions for a special issue on *_Reconstructing
(or Reinterpreting) Marxian Theory of Exploitation_*. Contributions are
invited on topics including, but not limited to, the following:

¡¤ Mathematical reformulations of Marxian theory of exploitation

¡¤ Philosophical and sociological conceptualization of Marxian
concept of exploitation

¡¤ Policy proposal based upon Marxian theory of exploitation (e.g.
basic income)

¡¤ Questions of applying Marxian theory of exploitation for the
recent change in capitalism including the advent of the so-called
¡®information revolution¡¯.

Contributors are invited to submit a short abstract (max. 200 words)
outlining the key arguments of their prospective paper to *Dong-Min
Rieu* at rieudm@cnu.ac.kr <mailto:rieudm@cnu.ac.kr> by *October 15,
2010*. Final papers (max. 12,000 words length) will be expected to be
submitted by *20 December, 2010* and the journal will be published in
*20 February, 2011*.

Guest-Editors: Dong-Min Rieu (Chungnam National University, Korea)

No-Wan Kwack (University of Seoul, Korea)

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