Re: [OPE] Question about books that are sound introductions to economics

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Mon Sep 06 2010 - 07:50:13 EDT

On 6 September 2010 13:38, Paul Cockshott <> wrote:
> I am collaborating with a guy in Venezuela who is working on a project to
introduce labour value accounting into the food supply chain there and he
keeps asking me economics questions which I do my best to answer, but he has
floored me with this one:
> "By the way, talking about economics. What books do you suggest I can
read to deepen this topic (contemporary economy)? I was reading Samuelson
and Nordhaus book."
> How would list members respond. The guy is not trained in economics.

This depends a lot on his background I would say. And whether it is
mainstream economics proper.
In any case I think:

Duncan Foley and Thomas Michl, "Growth and Distribution"

is a good place to start.
I've also heard positive reviews of

ten Raa, "The Economics of Input-Output Analysis"

which ought to help if he is aiming at labour-value accounting.

I'm currently reading Peter Flaschel's "Topics in Classical Micro- and
Macroeconomics: Elements of a Critique of Neoricardian Theory" which
contains some very good material on the mathematics of labour-value


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