Re: [OPE] Hegel's method of abstraction

Date: Sun Sep 05 2010 - 13:09:39 EDT

> Hegelian Marxism is admirous of the profundity and erudition which seems to
> inhere in Marx and Hegel, but in fact its love of the grand system, the
> grandiose thought, is blind: it embraces the theoretical system as the
> answer, but has lost the questions to which it was supposed to be an answer.

Hi Jurriaan:
How odd that you say that Hegelian-Marxists have lost the questions that the
system was supposed to be an answer to since they have, among other questions,
systematically examined the relationship of capital and the state (Reuten and
Williams) and world trade (T. Smith). For those who have allegedly lost the
questions their empirical record of attempting to answer the big questions -
rather than deal exclusively with sterile hermeneutic debates about what many
other Marxians are obsessed with and consider grandiose (like the 'transformation
problem') is actually pretty good.
Rather than being 'lost', it seems to me that most Hegelian-Marxists are doggedly
focused on the real subject matter - capitalism. Actually, I'd say that it's generally
the contemporaries who emphasize _only_ critique that are lost since their focus has
been miss-directed away from the real subject matter and on to Marxology (this
is not to say that there aren't excellent Hegelian-Marxist Marxologists - they're are).
In solidarity, Jerry

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