Re: [OPE] debates on whether value existed in pre-capitalist society

Date: Thu Sep 02 2010 - 09:55:20 EDT

> the social relation that gives rise to value, its
> H2O comparable configuration, is a social structure constituted by
> independent producers who produce independently for private exchange; they
> produce use values that are to them useless.
Hi Howard:
Not that alone. Production for exchange can take place in a moneyless,
barter-based mode of production.
> See section 2 of Capital's first chapter.
He was systematically 'unpacking' a theory; one section can't be read in isolation
from its connected sections. Hence, the confusions about 'simple commodity
production' and whether the subject of the book from its very opening
(indeed, its first sentence) was capitalism.
In solidarity, Jerry
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