Re: [OPE] debates on whether value existed in pre-capitalist society

Date: Thu Sep 02 2010 - 09:03:30 EDT

> Let's try not to speak past each other. Do you agree that there are
> abstraction processes of labour, other than the specific mechanism
> arising from relations of market exchange?

Hi Dave Z:
YEs, but abstract labor is a consequence of the unity of the production
and circulation processes under a specific set of social relations.
Hence, it can not become a reality through either the production or
exchange processes alone. Moreover, as far as I know *NO ON*E who has
argued that exchange is *PART* of the process of the actualization of
abstract labor (and surplus value, etc.) has claimed that it is *ONLY* a
consequence of exchange. OTOH, there are some Marxians who
one-sidedly conceive of abstract labor as being fully constituted within
the process of (trans-historical) production. Now let's see if we can't
talk past one another.
In solidarity, Jerry
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