Re: [OPE] debates on whether value existed in pre-capitalist society

Date: Wed Sep 01 2010 - 15:31:56 EDT

> Yes, but then to Paul's earlier question -- do these specific,
> historically-constituted, social relations associated with value pre date
> capitalism?

Hi Howard:
I would say no. But, it really depends on _which_ social relations you think are necessarily associated with value. And, of course, it depends on the definitions you use - e.g. Dave Z's definition of abstract labor (which, for him, existed in pre-capitalist modes of production) is distinct from that which I am using.

> I want to return to the question on abstraction raised during the summer and
> will get to it in the next days.
> I had a moment on Penobscot Bay and thought of you sailing.

As it happens, I'll be leaving the boat and returning to the City later today. :-( My first class of the semester is tomorrow. I spent several weeks this summer cruising in Penobscot Bay. Beautiful area - along with the rest of coastal Maine. Towards the end of July I took OPE-Ler Bruce Roberts and Susan Feiner out on the boat. At the moment I'm fretting about the projected path of Hurricane Earl - which is too close to where my boat is for comfort.
In solidarity, Jerry
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