[OPE] facebook: Palestinian prohibited

From: howard engelskirchen <he31@verizon.net>
Date: Sun Jul 25 2010 - 21:04:26 EDT

Paul Woodward of War In Context reports that facebook prohibits the use of
the word Palestinian in the creation of facebook pages;

War in Context 072510:

"The folks at Palestinian Refugee ResearchNet thought they'd create a
Facebook page only to discover: Facebook blocks the term "Palestinian"! (H/t
Jillian C York.)

    Are Palestinians the only group so blocked from making pages? Well, not
really. after a little fiddling around, I discovered that al-Qaida Refugee
ResearchNet and Nazi Refugee ResearchNet are filtered too.

    It does seem a bit odd, however, that a population of up to 12 million
people, receiving more than a billion dollars in international aid,
recognized by the UN, and enjoying a degree of formal diplomatic recognition
from the United States - is placed in the same filtered category as Nazis
and al-Qaida.

    I've sent an email to Facebook customer service-we'll see what they say.

Just to be sure, I tried myself to create a "Palestinian sports" page - not

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