Re: [OPE] topics for summer discussion: theories of the crisis

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Sun Jul 18 2010 - 17:34:35 EDT

On 2010-07-14 18:00, GERALD LEVY wrote:
> I realize that the summer months are usually slack for the 'summer' (an indication of the composition of the list and its predominant geographic disposition) but are there no issues in political economy which merit a discussion at this time?

Certainly there are many issues worth discussing; the question is
whether the list has enough members with enough overlapping spare-time
when the vacations end.

Nevertheless I think there is a topic that would be worth reviewing now
that a body of Marxian accounts of the recent crisis has been
accumulated during the past two years (see for instance the special
issue in Science & Society). I suggest we discuss the following article:

    The debate on the rate of profit
    Michel Husson

    A polemic on the rate of profit has developed over the last few
    months. This article seeks to review this debate which turns around
    four essential questions:
    — an empirical question: what has been the evolution of the rate of
    profit since the early 1980s in the big capitalist countries?
    — a theoretical question: what is the status of the tendential fall
    in the rate of profit in the Marxist analysis?
    — a “semi-theoretical” question: what is the nature of the crisis?
    — a programmatic question: what is the impact of this discussion on
    the proposals advanced in the period opened by the crisis?

Such a discussion ought to be relevant to the members and readers of
this list.

//Dave Z
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