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Dear Jerry,
many thanks for integrating me into this mailing list and the warm welcome.

The book you are mentioning below is basically the result of what I did
primarily in German in the early 1980's. The basic message is that the
Marxian Labor Theory of value is in fact part of Richard Stome's System
of National accounts of 1968 (no longer later on however, due to
unfortunate revisions of his System in 1993). I view Accountants as
being closer to reality than theorists and am therefore not surprised
that measures of labor productivity can coincide in magnitude with what
Marx proposed for this purpose (p.48 in my edition of Capital Vol. I).

I am working with Roberto Veneziani on a paper which attempts to show
that the law of falling labor content is nearly a universal one in the
case of capital-using labor-saving technical changes. Once it is ready
for posting I would welcome very much all types of critical comments.
Meanwhile I just attach the starting sections of the book you are
referring to.

I must also say that I like your debate on the conduct of firms. I would
here try to follow Schumpeter to a certain degree who provided a model
of competitive socialism and democracy in 1942, starting from the
observation of growing hostility as far as capitalism was concerned.
Are we now again in a similar position?

Best regards to all of you,
Sorry that Springer is charging such a high price for the book which is
not at all reflecting its labor content.
GERALD LEVY schrieb:
> Here's the link to his Book Publications:
> <>
> He wrote to me that his 2010 book published by Springer,
> _Topics in Classical Micro- and Macroeconomics:
> Elements of a Critique of Neoricardian Theory_
> "argues specifically in favor of a Marxian labor Theory of Value
> that is empirically applicable. Any critical comment on this is
> of course welcome."
> Once again: welcome aboard, Peter!
> In solidarity, Jerry
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