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Date: Thu Jun 10 2010 - 09:59:20 EDT

That's curious. Given your research and interests, as well as the
conferences that you both attended, you must have just missed each
other - like two ships without radar passing near each other at
night in the fog. For instance, you attended the 1997 EEA and IWGVT
in Washington and Peter attended the 1998 sessions in NYC. Those
on the list who passed through the New School will probably remember
that Peter collaborated for many years with my (not so) old mentor
Willi Semmler. (That's where I met him first but I doubt if he
remembers....) I'll be curious to see how Peter is able to both present
a Keynesian macro perspective and yet at the same time be in favor of a
'classical' perspective which favors the Marxian labor theory of value.
This is a most unlikely and unusual marriage!
In solidarity, Jerry
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