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From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Tue Jun 08 2010 - 15:40:24 EDT

Welcome Michael,

On 2010-06-07 08:08, you wrote:
>> I am an economic geographer. Since the late 1970s, I have been
>> conducting empirical and theoretical research on:
>> (i) crisis theory and the evolving structure of the world economy,
>> particularly using the ideas of probabilistic political economy, first
>> popularised by Farjoun and Machover. This work culminated in the book
>> Webber M and Rigby D L 1996 The Golden Age Illusion New York:
>> Guilford;

I think that was a very good book. It remains among the most rigorous
Marxian economic analyses that I've read.

>> (iii) primitive accumulation in rural China. I have a book in
>> preparation about this work, on which I have been engaged for the past
>> 10 years. Some of the principal issues can be found in Webber, M 2008
>> Primitive accumulation in modern China Dialectical Anthropology 32:
>> 299-320; and Webber, M 2008 The places of primitive accumulation in
>> rural China Economic Geography 84: 395-421.

It would be interesting to hear what you make of Giovanni Arrighi's
analysis of China? In what sense could one say that the Chinese economy
is diverging from, rather than converging towards, a fully capitalist

//Dave Z
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