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Michael Webber, from the University of Melbourne, is now - I am pleased to
say - a member of OPE-L.
He introduces himself and briefly explains his current research and work
in the following:

> Michael Webber
> Professorial Fellow, Department of Resource Management and Geography,
> The University of Melbourne
> I have been working in the University of Melbourne since 1985. Prior
> to that, I was a Professor in the Department of Geography at McMaster
> University. My PhD, from Australian National University, was in
> economic geography. I have also had training in mathematics and
> agricultural economics.
> I am an economic geographer. Since the late 1970s, I have been
> conducting empirical and theoretical research on:
> (i) crisis theory and the evolving structure of the world economy,
> particularly using the ideas of probabilistic political economy, first
> popularised by Farjoun and Machover. This work culminated in the book
> Webber M and Rigby D L 1996 The Golden Age Illusion New York:
> Guilford;
> (ii) the relationship between the events analysed in (i) and
> industrial restructuring in Canada and Australia, particularly as they
> play out in employment and working conditions. Some of the results of
> this work are in the books: Webber M J and Weller S 2001 Refashioning
> the Rag Trade: Internationalising Australia’s Textiles, Clothing and
> Footwear Industries Sydney: UNSW Press; Fagan R and Webber M J 1999
> Global Restructuring: the Australian Experience Melbourne: Oxford –
> 2nd, revised edition
> (iii) primitive accumulation in rural China. I have a book in
> preparation about this work, on which I have been engaged for the past
> 10 years. Some of the principal issues can be found in Webber, M 2008
> Primitive accumulation in modern China Dialectical Anthropology 32:
> 299-320; and Webber, M 2008 The places of primitive accumulation in
> rural China Economic Geography 84: 395-421.
> I suppose that I could say that the principal driving theme of my
> research over this period has been to understand how changes in the
> global economy affect the well-being of people in particular places.
His email address is <mjwebber@unimelb.edu.au>
Michael: welcome aboard!
In solidarity, Jerry
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