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From: GERALD LEVY <gerald_a_levy@msn.com>
Date: Sun Jun 06 2010 - 20:37:38 EDT

I am pleased to report that Brendan Cooney, callmecooney@gmail.com, has joined
our list.
It might be said that he is a young pioneer of the 21st Century in the
use of new media, including blogs and 'youtube', to explain and popularize
ideas on Marx and political economy. I've occasionally shown, with success,
some of his 'youtube'videos to students in 'smart classrooms' and computer labs.
Brendan blogs about Marxist theory in both written and video form. His websites
(http://www.kapitalism101.wordpress.com and http://www.youtube.com/brendanmcooney)
are intended to be introductory aides for those new to value theory. The work
there represents an ongoing attempt to both understand the contemporary relevance
of Marx and to find modern modes of transmitting those ideas. He is currently engaged
in a 15-part video series called The Law of Value. An ongoing project, which he is
currently blogging on, is a close reading of Volume 3 of _Capital_ with one post
per chapter.
Brendan: welcome aboard!
In solidarity, Jerry
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