[OPE] FW: Paul Mason on Europe

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Date: Sat May 29 2010 - 19:30:18 EDT

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Subject: Paul Mason on Europe
Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 15:39:18 +0200

There is a new Statesman article by the BBC Marxist Paul Mason on Europe, which may be of interest to OPE-Lers.

In the same issue, there is a good article by David Blanchflower
on the Tory cuts.

As I've argued last year on OPE-L, I don't think they will cut extremely heavily across the board in aggregate, since the math tells them that the cost-savings are not great and may even be negative. But you can rely on the
Tories to home in on every area where they think they can make net cost savings. Cost-cutting is also a neat way to take away the budgets of your opponents, it often has more to do with budgetary control. After all, those who control the budgets have the power.

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