Re: [OPE] Class Analysis of the Greek Bailout

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Mon May 24 2010 - 15:42:13 EDT

> One problem could be that since the productive base of the Greek economy
> seems so weak, shifting from imports to domestic production would take
> relatively long time and lead to significantly lower living standards as
> more labour is required to meet the real wage.

That problem, Dave Z and Paul C, is related to the issue of whether
'socialism in a single country' is possible. I suppose it is possible to
conceive of socialism in a single country in certain unusual
contexts (e.g. in Tanzania under the Nyerre government) but it
would have to be a redistributional model alone rather than one
which also incorporated growth (or, in Marxian terms, one in which
socialist relations of production could be developed with stagnant
forces of production). This would not be possible, I think,
in Greece (or most other nations, including all European ones) for a variety
of historical and cultural reasons.

In solidarity, Jerry

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