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And looking back: what should we make of the idea -- the constant drumbeat of the bourgeois press -- that Greece as a whole country, including its workers, was "living beyond their means"?

On May 12, 2010, at 11:41 AM, GERALD LEVY wrote:

> What classes from which countries are going to be paying
> what amounts for the Greek bailout? How would one go
> about quantifying the likely magnitude of the decline
> in living standards of the Greek working class as a result of
> the austerity plan? Which segments of the working class are
> going to be hurt to a greater extent? How will the bailout
> likely affect the 'middle classes', the petty commodity
> producing sector, and the degree of centralization of capital
> in Greece? How will this affect the penetration of large
> units of capital based in other nations on Greece? How will
> the working class in the rest of the EU be affected? How will
> this affect the future of the EU itself? Given the current
> balance of forces, to what extent will working class resistance
> affect the outcomes of the bailout?
> Any takers?
> In solidarity, Jerry
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