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Date: Fri May 07 2010 - 11:12:27 EDT

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Hi Jerry,

I've just published a collection of essays in the Historical Materialism book series and thought you might want to circulate mention of that on OPE-L. The essays straddle some thirty years of work and deal mainly with the question of how Marxists can develop a stronger (more sophisticated, more flexible) conception of 'modes of production' that doesn't simply reduce them to given forms of exploitation of labor. Identifying 'relations of production' with 'forms of exploitation' undermines a more powerful treatment of both sides of this equation, labor included. A key argument of the book is that relations of exploitation correlate with modes of production in complex ways.

Here's the url, for more details: <http://www.brill.nl/default.aspx?partid=210&pid=30989>


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