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Subject: New Marxist education organization -- FEIMWAMA
"Al Sargis" <bigalsez@YAHOO.COM>
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Friedrich Engels Institute
of Marxist War & Military Analysis
A Project of the Niebyl
Proctor Marxist Library For Social Research
Friedrich Engels Institute of Marxist War & Military Analysis
(FEIMWAMA) is an educational organization providing lectures, discussions,
study groups, literature and films. FEIMWAMA also hosts an online article
distribution and archive at
marmilist@yahoogroups.com to which
interested persons are invited to subscribe.
is dedicated to carrying on the body of thought initiated by Friedrich
Engels which analyzes war and the military from a Marxist viewpoint.
General topics include:
Marxist Thinkers
on War and Military Science (e.g., Engels, Mao, etc.; socialist
War Theory and History (e.g., development
of war in different modes of production, etc.)
Strategy and Tactics (e.g., working-class armed self-defense and
insurrection, etc.)
Militarism (.e.g., foreign and
domestic militarist influences in politics, ideology, culture, etc.)
Anti-Militarism (e.g., war/military contradictions that
indicate paths to peace, etc.)
Military Organization
and Culture (e.g., racial/ethnic/gender factors; GI unions & GI
resistance, etc.)
FEIMWAMA proceeds from the premise
that war and the military will exist as long as class-antagonist state
societies exist and will finally be abolished only when the state as a
form of governing, along with its antagonist classes, cease. Abolishing
war and the military lies through understanding their contradictions and
taking appropriate action to transform them. This recognizes that embedded
within war, the military and their contradictions are factors that lead
ultimately to peace, and that to prematurely "study war no more"
is to become a victim of its perpetuators. This does not preclude
preventing or controlling specific wars as the capitalist state's constant
towards war continues. Furthermore, in the contemporary
capitalist state the military--though an instrument of the class character
of the state--is comprised of "workers-in-uniform" at the point
of production of war. The enlisted military is thus in a strategic
position to prevent, control or abolish war, to play a decisive role at
key moments in
socialist revolution and to obstruct the capitalist
state from, in other instances, physically attacking the working-class and
other people's movements. It is therefore incumbent on the socialist
movement to continue its historic role of organizing with those forces in
military opposed to imperialist war, capitalist domination and
anti-working-class activities.
To keep informed about
FEIMWAMA programs and/or to get on marmilist@yahoogroups.com contact Al at


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