Re: [OPE] Open problems in Marxist economics: Workers' savings

From: paul bullock <>
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If workers earn and save it must, practically, be part of v. After all what
happens in old age? V has to represent the cost of reproduction of the
working class from birth to death. The state will ensure that this doesn't
get out of hand if temporarily capital loses its head; thus once workers are
retired they have to draw on savings to extend their lives further. The
extent of their lives is, as Jerry says, a function of the overall state of
accumulation and its political reflection.


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> Do workers' savings form a part of the total surplus value?

Hi Dave Z;

I would say 'no': they form a part of the total value of labor power.
Like the wage, the VLP has cultural and moral elements and should
not be (mis-) understood as simply equal to the minimum required
(regardless of time and space) for physical subsistence.

What exactly is the problem here from your perspective?

In solidarity, Jerry
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