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> Personally I don't care much for Dunayevskaya's economics, her historical
> understanding or her theory of state capitalism, and I don't care too much
> about her epigones either, but surely her original moral emphasis on the
> libertarian and humanist dimension of Marx's thought is welltaken? Let's
> face it, Marxist theoretical discussions of human freedom that have any
> profundity - in contrast to scribblers simply seeking to extract a "Marxist
> theory of freedom" from Marx-quotes - are as scarce as hen's teeth. I expect
> that it will take fully another generation before Marx is finally freed from
> the oppressive intellectual stranglehold of "Marxism-Leninism" - a
> stranglehold which handicapped even Dunayevskaya's own work. Question is
> really whether Marxists will continue to celebrate conservatively a mythical
> pantheon of past heroes, or whether they are prepared to tackle seriously
> the findings of the social sciences in the last half century, which have
> changed the understanding of world history greatly, even just because of the
> enormous numbers of newly educated people and large funds that have been
> devoted to discovering more about it...
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