RE: [OPE] The Ironies of Imperialism: Haiti vs. India

Date: Thu Feb 25 2010 - 09:12:04 EST

> I first criticized the Green Revolution in
> Perelman, Michael. 1971. "Second Thoughts on the Green Revolution." The
> New Republic, v. 165 (17 July): pp. 21-22; and then in a book, Farming
> for Profit in a Hungry World.
> The Green Revolution was designed to promote capitalist development by
> changing class relationships in the countryside, making developing
> countries more dependent on imported inputs, while leaving the system
> susceptible to the environmental problems associated with intensive
> chemical agriculture.
Hi Michael P:
Interesting. That's basically the same thesis as that advanced by Harry
Cleaver in "The Contradictions of the Green Revolution" (1972).
In solidarity, Jerry
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