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From: Paul Cockshott <>
Date: Thu Feb 25 2010 - 04:19:40 EST

Dave Zachariah wrote:
> What you and Allin are suggesting seems to be a strategy emphasizing a
> greater weight on trade-union struggle --- e.g. aiming to win the right
> of control of full value-added --- rather than the classical
> social-democratic emphasis on electoral power and nationalizations. The
> way you formulate it as analogous to the 13th amendment to the US
> constitution is elegant.
> Still one wonders how far this demand could be pushed on the legal
> terrain before the reaction side-steps it? The scenarios of capital
> flight or extra-economic coercion need to be considered and prepared
> for. Also, can the European trade-union movement, lacking a growing
> industrial core, achieve such levels of bargaining power?
I think that what one needs is a set of programmatic objectives that
have the immediate appeal on which Lassalle built classical social
democracy. In one sense they should almost be brazenly populist. The
target here is certainly the trades union movement, but the idea is that
they should be goals that require political action to achieve, and ones
that the Union movement is motivated to agitate for on a political
level. I think we have to go right back to the start of how to build a
mass social democratic movement in Europe, but one that is social
democratic in the old sense.
> //Dave Z
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