[OPE] The Ironies of Imperialism: Haiti vs. India

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I first criticized the Green Revolution in

Perelman, Michael. 1971. "Second Thoughts on the Green Revolution." The
New Republic, v. 165 (17 July): pp. 21-22; and then in a book, Farming
for Profit in a Hungry World.

The Green Revolution was designed to promote capitalist development by
changing class relationships in the countryside, making developing
countries more dependent on imported inputs, while leaving the system
susceptible to the environmental problems associated with intensive
chemical agriculture.

The Wall Street Journal published an article describing the falling
yields in India from the over-application of nitrogen fertilizer. A
second article describes the heroic efforts of an agricultural operation
funded in part by the wonderful Paul Farmer.

The articles offer a fascinating window into the contradictions of
capitalist development, the unexplained damage done to Haiti by
imperialism -- they do so without ever connecting the dots, but that is
easy to do.

Anand, Geeta. 2010. "Green Revolution in India Wilts as Subsidies
Backfire." Wall Street Journal (23 February): p. A 1.

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