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Date: Wed Feb 24 2010 - 12:17:51 EST

> I am actually surprised that whilst finer points of the transformation problem are
> guaranteed to generate discussion, the sorts of economic policies discussed at the
> Berlin conference seem to raise no interest.

Hi Paul C:
I'm surprised you're surprised. The focus on certain topics and
the lack of focus on others (of more immediate and pressing political
concern) is symptomatic of the state of affairs of Marxian economics,
I'm afraid. Although I hesitate to use the term "Marxian economics"
since many of the worst offenders are those who take great exception to
the use of that expression to describe their area of interest. If a
world wide crisis of capitalism - the likes of which we haven't seen
since the Great Depression - can't re-focus attention by Marxians on
less abstract subjects, what (if anything) can?
In solidarity, Jerry _______________________________________________
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