Re: [OPE] Sex, Lies, and Economics: The Amazing Story of Economics and Economists Before Adam Smith

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They did not have theoretical preconditions

 They had their theoretical preconditions though they had often to form new concepts and terms.
The idea of the division of labour, for example, is as old as Plato and Aristotle, though Petty is said toı have used the term for the first time. Smilarly, with the idea of exchange value. Capitalism, labour, free labour, all terms are used by Thomas More in his Utopia. So nothing comes out of blue. Jerry's reading seems to me to be more just to the history of ideas.





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Roy's reading correct. They did not have theoretical preconditions,
although their writings were intended to defend themselves from
retributions for their often illegal activities.

On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 09:20:28PM -0500, Gerald Levy wrote:
> >Like the classics for whom they provided an analytical basis, and
> >unlike the later marginalists, these pioneers
> >sought to understand the world around them, rather than to fit it
> >into a preconceived conceptual framework.
> Hi Roy:
> I don't know about that: I think that political economists prior to
> Smith also had preconceived
> conceptual frameworks - in their case, based on their world outlook,
> philosophy, and theology.
> These were also informed by their class membership and identity
> -note how their conceptual
> framework generally dovetailed rather nicely with class interests.
> In solidarity, Jerry
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