[OPE] "World-wide Action" for TEKEL Workers

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"World-wide Action" for TEKEL Workers
The International Unions Confederation, umbrella organization of unions in 155 countries, will organize a world-wide action for the rights of Turkish Tekel workers. The Europe Unions Confederation urged the government to start talks on transferring the workers under protection of their rights immediately.
                  Tolga Korkut - Ece Yıldız
Brussles - BİA News Center
                16 February 2010, Tuesday
The International Unions Confederation (ITUC) organizes an international day of action for Tekel workers who have been carrying on with their resistance in the Turkish capital of Ankara for 64 days.
The Turkish Confederation of Labour Unions (Türk-İş) informed bianet that ITUC replied in writing to a call for solidarity from Türk-İş. According to the response, the confederation is going to organize a world-wide day of action for the Tekel workers in the coming week.
ITUC is the umbrella organization for approximately 175 million workers and 311 national organizations from 155 countries and regions.
In addition, the Europe Unions Confederation (ETUC) is going to publish a bulletin, urging the government to start talks as soon as possible in order to transfer the Tekel workers to public enterprises under protection of their rights. "ETUC supports these workers who struggle for their most basic needs and for a humane life in return for humane work", the organization declared. ETUC sent a special advisor to Ankara last week.
The Tekel workers resist against working under the 4C regulation which would deprive them from their right to collective agreement and to strike. 4C furthermore includes a cut of salaries and severance pay without job guarantee. The workers want to work at public enterprises under the Labour Act instead.
The government on the other hand insists on 4C and has improved the regulation's conditions, that is to say a raise in wages, extending the duration of employment to eleven months, 22 days of leave and severance pay. (EY/TK/VK)



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