[OPE] Off the Table or Under the Table: Economics vs. Health Care

From: michael perelman <michael@ecst.csuchico.edu>
Date: Sun Jan 17 2010 - 21:34:52 EST

Apparently, the Obama folks are following the Bush precedent, paying
Johathan Gruber, a health care economist, under the table -- at least he
seems to have done nothing to let it be known -- to influence the health
care debate


I posted two brief mentions about Jonathan Gruber and health care,
without realizing that he had a $392,600 contract with Health and Human
Services that had not yet been made public.

First, last November, I posted the following comment in response to a
New York Times article about Health Care, alluding to single payer being
"off the table.":

Jonathan Gruber is a health economist from MIT -- an expert, no doubt.
David Leonhardt quotes his favorable comment on the Senate health care
bill: ďI canít think of a thing to try that they didnít try.Ē

Leonhardt, apparently, never bothered to ask him about single payer,
which was off the table.

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