[OPE] Basu and Bensaid

From: Dave Zachariah <davez@kth.se>
Date: Sun Jan 17 2010 - 07:17:17 EST

I was informed that both Jyoti Basu and Daniel Bensaid have passed away

    Daniel Bensa´d obituary
    Tariq Ali

    "The French philosopher Daniel Bensa´d, who has died aged 63 of
    cancer, was one of the most gifted Marxist intellectuals of his
    generation. In 1968, together with Daniel Cohn-Bendit, he helped to
    form the Mouvement du 22 Mars (the 22 March Movement), the
    organisation that helped to detonate the uprising that shook France
    in May and June of that year. Bensa´d was at his best explaining
    ideas to large crowds of students and workers."


//Dave Z
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