Re: [OPE] Britain--parasitic and decaying capitalism: A comment

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Sun Jan 17 2010 - 05:14:48 EST

On 2010-01-17 07:20, D. Göçmen wrote:
> He said that even to David whose aricle he used to start the debate.
Please refer to a single post where I wrote that.
> He calls for ultraimerialism theory which starts from the concept of
> unity.
Please refer to a single post where I have 'called' for such a theory.
What you have written about rivalling imperialist states in the past has
been addressed and questioned in several posts before and since then by
Paul C and myself.
> He uses bourgeois expressions like 'extrem left'
Please refer to a single post where I used this expression.

One wonders if you are even reading the posts in the thread? Predictably
in your final post you failed to address anything about the theory in
question. A theory is judged by its testable content not by its
adherence to the 'correct' political line. I suppose this motivates your
inability to discuss it.

Clearly we do not speak the same language nor do I share your
speculative imagination immersed in debates from the past. Neither
merits for discussion. Perhaps you can learn something from Jerry here;
I take he advocates the classical model of imperialism but strangely
enough he is actually capable of discussing it.

//Dave Z
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