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It is just unacceptable and appaling to say to the people one debates with 'you are not able to address the theoretical problems I raise'. In this thread Dave Z said that many times not just to me. He said that even to David whose aricle he used to start the debate. He calls for ultraimerialism theory which starts from the concept of unity. I bring examples of the practice of imperialist states that proves the contrary. What does he says to that in reply: 'you do not address the theoretical issues I raise. What is that? Is that not appaling. Everything Dave Z has been saying in this debate has been discussed in Italy for many years. The prominent defender of this position was Berinotti who with his accomplice destroyed the strong communist movement. The 'theoretical' positions (which are a german reformist product) he tries to defend vainly almost destroyed French Communist Party. Dave Z knows all that. He uses bourgeois expressions like 'extrem left' to discredit the political posion of Marx and Lenin. Enough is enough.

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Dogan to Dave Z:
> In what you said up to now I have not seen anything theoretical. It is just a
sort of praagmatism to justify your political position on the side
> of European Left. Nothing else. Or do you realy think that people are so naive
to fail to recognise the political position behind your
> would-be-theory? I do not see anything Marxist dialectic in your appraoch.

Hi Dogan:

I'm either that naive - or you are. Nothing Dave has written or done (his
can justify such a conclusion about his alleged political positions. I think
what you are doing, ironically, is the same as what I critisized Dave about
in this thread: trying to tease out the alleged political "implications"
of a theoretical position a a way of critiquing that theory. As I remarked
earlier to
Dave this is bad practise - but one which, unfortunately, has a long history in
Marxist discourse.

In solidarity, Jerry
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